Holy Trinity Anglican Church Celebrates 80 Years

Holy Trinity Birthday Weekend

Holy Trinity celebrated its 80th birthday in June 2019. Being grateful for the faithful service of previous Rectors who enabled the growth and development of the ministry here, we invited a number of them to join us for the weekend and to share in the festivities.

On Friday 14 June we hosted a picnic in the park across the road from the church and enjoyed a wonderful time of warm fellowship while sharing together with young and old. This was a great occasion for our guests to meet members of the congregation and their families and to share stories about life and ministry in Yellowknife. 

On Saturday 15 June we were treated to a scrumptious breakfast by our Men’s Breakfast team who prepared and served everything for us. Bishop Chris Williams, former Rector and former Bishop of the Arctic shared an inspiring speech about the history and development of ministry in the north with particular reference to Holy Trinity Yellowknife. It was a tremendous event with many people enjoying and benefitting from learning the history of our parish.

The former Rectors, Rev Ron McLean, Bishop Ken Genge, Bishop Chris Williams and Archbishop Terry Buckle enjoyed a High Tea along with Rev Bryan and his family on Saturday afternoon at Mabuhay Lakeside Manor. It was delightful to hear how the Lord has used these pastoral couples in service for our Lord Jesus Christ and how Holy Trinity and the broader community has been blessed through their service and ministry.

Sunday morning was a very special time for us as a church. Our birthday service of Holy Communion was extremely well attended by many regulars as well as by visitors and former members of the church. Archbishop Terry Buckle preached a very uplifting sermon in relation to Trinity Sunday and we were all incredibly blessed by his ministry. All the former Rectors played a role in the service including serving Holy Communion. The service was followed by birthday tea and treats in the hall downstairs.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend of celebration and joy. We were so thankful to all who made it so special, who contributed generously in a number of different ways and for all who came out to share it with us. God has been so gracious to us and as we carry the banner of the Lord for the next 80 years we pray that He will strengthen us to be dedicated, diligent and faithful, so that we will serve and please Him and reach many for the glory and honour of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bryan Haigh